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Growing Together

There is so much to be grateful for as we reflect on this past year. I can’t express how huge it is that God answered our prayers and brought us such an amazing couple to partner with us in the work here at 7th Seed. Conlan and Sydney joined us in May and the amount and quality of what we were able to offer increased dramatically. This summer we had a small (and wonderful) cohort of young adults living and working together on our farm. We increased the number of youth enrolled in our summer programming from 26 in 2022 to 75 this past summer (adding another week of day camp in partnership with a local church and our first backpacking trip for middle schoolers).

This year we were also able to increase the amount of food we grew and raised for New Moon—nearly doubling our vegetable production, adding 50 broilers to our harvest, and continuing our egg donations. We’re incredibly grateful for close partnership with New Moon Cafe and the ministry of 150 Cherry Street. This fall we’ve been planning with Dan (who leads New Moon Cafe) about what and how much we can grow for him as he continues to follow God’s calling to make the best food possible for the hungry in Burlington.

This past Saturday, Bishop Andrew (of the Anglican Diocese of New England) joined us to serve the beautiful food Dan had prepared for the monthly banquet at 150 Cherry Street in Burlington. We estimated around 150 guests came in off the street to be fed. The next day in his sermon he referenced the top-notch chef feeding so many hungry people as a beautiful expression of the gospel. “There was no Bible thumping,” he exclaimed as he shared with the congregation that it was one of the most beautiful ministries he’d seen anywhere. He added that if the church just remains within its own walls and feeds only itself, it will die—the beauty and great love of the Gospel needs to overflow outside the church--to the most vulnerable around us.

I agree. At 7th Seed one of our central aims is to offer the experience of faith in action. Last month at our School Year Program, we not only explored together the life and teachings of Jesus and reflected on what it looks like to follow Him in our time and place, but the students also were able to plant the garlic for us to tend and harvest in 2024 for future beautiful meals or the hungry in Burlington (putting ideas into action).

We’re so grateful for all who have connected with the two-teared vision of our mission: on one level to provide a space to connect deeply with God, each other, and His creation; and on a second level, to connect with people around us in need—showing them love through meaningful work (and growing in the process). We’re incredibly grateful for those who’ve assisted us in this beautiful work, from the school-year students, to our summer staff, to the volunteers who just helped us assemble a new donated greenhouse, to many of you who have donated to us already this year —Thank you!

As we look to 2024, with amazing staff and partnerships in place, we’re filled with the joyful hope of Growing Together.

We’re excited about Growing Together in 2024: not only inviting more Christians to join us as we seek to grow deep roots of faith in good soil, but also as we continue to increase what we literally grow and raise to share with our neighbors in need.

While we are so appreciative of our partnerships, we are our own organization with our own tiny budget and big ideas. Please consider joining with us in our work of growing food and deeply rooted faith—we can only do it together. In this season of giving, please consider partnering financially, in prayer, and/or by helping us spread the word.

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