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 Launched in 2021, 7th Seed aims to cultivate a rooted faith in the next generations of Christians.  Located on an active farm and homestead in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont, it hosts a Fellows Program,  Retreat & Gatherings, and summer camps.


Collecting Eggs


Our Mission:

To follow Jesus' example of working for justice & peace, demonstrating love & mercy, and living simply.

We aspire to the Biblical idea of peacemaking: making right relationships with God, people (both on an individual and systemic level), and the rest of creation.


How do we work towards fulfilling our mission?
  1.  Challenge & equip youth and young adults to think deeply about what it means to live as a follower of Christ (with a focus on His restorative/ peacemaking work)  in our time and place

    • Fellows program for young adults

    • Summer camps for children and teens

  2. Encourage, support, and challenge Christians in Vermont and New England

    • Gatherings

    • Retreats

    • Consulting/ Training/ Workshops

  3. “Tend & keep” our resources in a way that nourishes the land and provides for us and for those in need in the surrounding area.

    • Growing/ raising food/ fiber

    • Managing forest for fire wood and future building

    • Partnering with New Moon’s work to provide food for those in need in the Burlington Area.




Executive Director

Amy (M.Ed., Northeastern University) has 20+ years of leadership experience in diversity and justice consulting &  training and in outdoor/ experiential education.  She now enjoys supporting and mentoring others in these two areas.  7th Seed brings these passions together with her love for building community and Biblical study.   She enjoys catching native trout in high mountain streams, knitting (especially with yarn made from her Icelandic sheep), and spending time in the woods with her family.



Executive Advisor/ Instructor

Antwaine (MSL, Northeastern University) is a senior level Division I athletics administrator and is also one of the Co-Founders of ARC68 Consultants.  He has 20+ years of experience of research and instruction in diversity, violence prevention, and social justice.  Antwaine challenges many (including college and professional athletes all over the country as well as leaders of outdoor and medical organizations) to think critically about justice through  facilitation, mentoring, curriculum development, and advising organizational leadership. As a former collegiate and professional athlete, he now enjoys supporting his son’s scholarly and athletic endeavors.



Farm Manager

Conlan is passionate about reconnecting people with land, growing food in an ecologically minded way, and cultivating disciples of Jesus. His experience of growing began in his family’s summer garden in the Ohio River valley. Years later at Berry College in Northwest Georgia, Conlan rediscovered this love while working for the Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation project - saving Southern heirloom seeds in an educational garden. Since college, Conlan has helped launch the WinShape College Program at Belmont University, a space for college students to grow in their faith and leadership. When not growing vegetables, Conlan enjoys hiking and backpacking with his wife Sydney and dog Copper, drinking coffee, and hoping for winning seasons for the Pittsburgh Pirates.



Executive Advisor/ Instructor

Valerie (Ed.D. Boston University)  loves to partner and work in teams with global friends and organizations focusing on sport and faith. Val is a college professor, consultant and speaker, and author. After coaching collegiate volleyball and softball for 13 years, Val continues her love of and interest in sport through teaching, researching and writing.  Always the consummate coach and team player, she enjoys coaching people in their relationship with Jesus, working with non-profit partners, serving on the Board of Trustees at Greenville University and The West Project, fishing, and hiking with her dog Keeper.



Forest & Outdoor Program Director

Sten grew up exploring the mountains and streams of Vermont.  Whether writing a score for film, timber framing a sugar house with lumber he harvested and milled, or teaching his kids:  Sten brings creativity, passion, and beauty to where he is.  After working as a studio and touring musician, he set up his studio in Vermont  where he’s always writing music in between his homesteading work of harvesting and milling wood, making maple syrup, and raising animals & two kids.   He enjoys backcountry skiing, fly- fishing, rock climbing, hunting with a long bow, and engaging in in-depth conversations about Christianity in today’s culture.



Hospitality Coordinator

Sydney finds joy in creating space for others to be heard, experience rest, and feel at home. Having spent the past five years in elementary education and college ministry, she comes to 7th Seed with a desire to grow a curious and healthy community. Originally from Hickory, North Carolina, Sydney carries a love for Appalachia with her and enjoys spending time in the mountains and woods of Vermont. When not exploring, you can find Sydney thrifting, trying new restaurants, or honing her sewing and knitting skills.



Partnering to Bring the Best Food to our Neighbors in Need


We want to acknowledge that we gather as 7th Seed on the traditional land of the Abenaki Peoples.  We're grateful for those who have stewarded the land before us.

At the end of a long dirt road, 7th Seed sits on over 200 acres of farmland, woods, and wetland. 50 Chickens, 15 ducks, 2 sheep, roughly 50,000 honeybees, and countless more wildlife make their home here.    In addition to annual crops, we also care for and enjoy raspberries, blueberries, currants, jostaberries, honeyberries, seaberries, elderberries, plums, and apple trees.


The land is nestled up against Vermont’s third highest mountain, Camels Hump.  Its peak offers a stunning view of Champlain Valley and, on clear days, Montreal.  The Long Trail, the nation’s oldest long distance hiking trail, passes nearby, summiting Camels Hump on its 272 mile journey to both ends of the state.  


Huntington is a quiet town of less than 2,000 people.  Only twenty-five miles from Burlington, Vermont’s largest city, it is home to scenic rivers, mountains, vegetable and dairy farms, and some pretty great people.

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