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Growing Together

for 2024

Partner with us as we expand the amount of food we raise/ grow for the homeless in Burlington AND the amount of financial aid we can offer for our youth and young adult programming.

Your gift to 7th Seed supports healthy, local food production for the those in need (through our partnership with New Moon Cafe),


AND supports the experience of meaningful work for the youth and young adults who will join us in 2024-- caring for this land and our neighbors (while cultivating a deeply-rooted faith).  


 Gifts of any size mean so much.  We're filled with HOPE as we look to 2024 and beyond.



1. Payable to:  150 Cherry Street, Inc.

2. Write: 7th Seed on the memo line

3. Mail it to: 70 South Winooski Ave, Suite #199, Burlington, VT 05401






Growing Together

We’re so grateful for all who have connected with the two-teared vision of our mission: on one level to provide a space to connect deeply with God, each other, and His creation; and on a second level, to connect with people around us in need—showing them love through meaningful work (and growing in the process).  We’re incredibly grateful for those who’ve assisted us in this beautiful work, from the school-year students, to our summer staff, to the volunteers who just helped us assemble a new donated greenhouse —Thank you!  

As we look to 2024, with amazing staff and partnerships in place,  we’re filled with the joyful hope of Growing Together.  We’re excited about Growing Together: not only inviting more Christians to join us as we seek to grow deep roots of faith in good soil, but also as we continue to increase what we literally grow and raise to share with our neighbors in need. 


While we are so appreciative of our partnerships, we are our own organization with our own tiny budget and big ideas.  Please consider partnering with us in our work of growing food and deeply rooted faith—we can only do it together.   




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