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for 2023

This season of giving,  partner with us as we expand the amount of food we raise/ grow for the homeless in Burlington.

Your gift to 7th Seed supports healthy, local food production for the those in need (through our partnership with New Moon Cafe),


AND supports the experience of meaningful work for the youth and young adults who will join us in 2023-- caring for this land and our neighbors.  Gifts of any size mean so much.


We're filled with HOPE as we look to 2023 and beyond.



1. Payable to:  150 Cherry Street, Inc.

2. Write: 7th Seed on the memo line

3. Mail it to: 70 South Winooski Ave, Suite #199, Burlington, VT 05401






It’s been almost exactly one and a half years since we officially launched 7th Seed, and looking back, there is so much to be grateful for!  


Above all, we are so thankful for the partnerships that have developed.  Starting a new organization is a lot of work; it means so much to know there are people who want to come along side us and invest in the mission of 7th Seed.   We’re so thankful for our partners:

  • New Moon Cafe:  Dan Spurlock and the rest of the kitchen staff at New Moon make beautiful meals for the homeless in Burlington using  the fruit, vegetables, and eggs we’ve started producing.  It’s so exciting to play a tiny role in this exciting work they are doing.   Dan has generously cooked amazing meals for several of our gatherings  at 7th Seed.  

  • Gordon Conwell Institute:  Our partnership with GCI enables us to strengthen the support we can offer to Christians.  The leaders of GCI (Dr. Gin and Dr. Cho) have a heart for extending their support of ministries in northern New England.  We are now able to offer a certificate of completion through them for our programming. 

  • Parents and Staff:  we’re so thankful for the amazing group of staff that made our first little day camp at 7th seed a huge success and for the parents that trusted us with their kids.  

  • Many individuals have given of their time, money, and prayers to support our work.  It truly means so much especially in these first years, to know there are others with us.

We're so grateful for so many great relationships as a foundation for what is to come.    The soil has been prepped, now we’re hoping you’ll partner with us to help us plant more seeds in 2023.


2023 HOPE

I love the idea of seeds— they represent expectant hope of great beauty that is to come.   For ages, farmers have saved part of their harvest for the next year’s planting.  We hope you’ll join in our expectant hope of what is to come at 7th Seed and partner with us by investing in our seeds for this upcoming year:


  • Literal seeds—we’d like to expand the amount of food we grow/ raise for New Moon.  We need folks to partner with us to help cover these production costs, so the homeless at ANEW place taste the best food around.  We’d like expand the greens, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and root vegetables we can grow for Dan.  We also are raising egg-laying chickens and ducks, as well as keeping bees for honey.  Farming sustainably provides for the tangible spiritual acts of caring for creation and caring for our neighbors. We believe this is a rich experience to offer all those involved in our programming.

  • Seeds of faith:  because of the great feedback and turnout from our first day camp, our hope is to expand our camps this summer.  We plan to add a couple more weeks of day camp for elementary age children as well as new programming for middle schoolers.   This will take and investing in the gear and supplies needed so that we can keep the camps affordable.   Additionally,  we’re excited to add certificate of completion programs through our partnership with GCI including our Farm Fellowship for young adults.  



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