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Job Descriptions

Farm Manager

The Farm Manager oversees the implementation of the long term vision of creating an agricultural space at 7th Seed for food and learning,  using methods that regenerate the land.  The Farm Manager will grow annual crops on at least 1/2 an acre (with two green houses) this first summer with potential to expand in future summers.  They will also maintain and develop the perennial landscape that has been started with several varieties of berries and fruit trees covering approximately 2 acres.  The farm also includes some livestock (presently 30 hens, 15 ducks, 2 ewes, and one hive of honey bees) which may be added to in the future in keeping with the vision. Accordingly, overseeing animal husbandry also falls within the scope of this position.


  • Desire to live and work with many different kinds of people in a diverse community setting.

  • Ability to establish and maintain firm personal/professional boundaries in a community setting

  • Previous experience farming-- using sustainable/ regenerative  agriculture methods.  

  • Previous experience managing systems and/or people preferred.

  • Experiential education experience preferred.

  • Desire to uphold the mission of 7th Seed as a Christian learning community.

  • Knowledge and experience of Windows OS and Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Ability to participate in physical work and activity in all possible outdoor weather conditions; activities may include moderate lifting/carrying of up to 40 lbs.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and collaboratively as part of team.

  • Ability to accept supervision, feedback, and constructive criticism.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and flexibility.

  • Respect for others, compassion, patience.

  • Willingness to learn and try new things.

  • Good judgment, responsibility, dependability.

  • Limit-setting and conflict resolution skills.

  • Driver’s license and good driving record


  • The salary range for this position is 36,000- 41,000. Additionally, staff housing is available on site.


Managing the domesticated land at 7th Seed

  • Work with other 7th Seed staff to create and implement a long-term vision for the use of the property for both food and education related to the 7th Seed mission

  • Create annual capital expense requests for investments needed for the land improvement.


Managing systems on the land that support a landscape for food and learning:

  • Oversee the annual and perennial gardens’ planning,  implementation, and care with input from other program staff with a focus on providing:

    1. Food: 7th Seed will grow and raise a variety of food to provide for the students and staff in our program (it’s not our expectation to grow all our food on site) and for those in need in the Burlington area.  

    2. Learning opportunities: through experiential education in meaningful work—creating challenging yet supportive experiences for students, volunteers, and visitors that are centered in our mission.

  • Oversee farm annual budget

  • Manage systems needed for care of the land and animals including water/ irrigation,  pasture maintenance, orchard and annual plant care, compost, mowing,  and garden tools storage and maintenance.


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Weekly meeting with other 7th Seed staff for communicating needs of the Farm production or programming.

  • In winter months, the Farm Manager will join with other property-based tasks like snow removal, fire wood processing, and building and maintenance projects.

  • Assist Executive Director in creating quarterly reports based on annual farm goals and strategic plan.


Community Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the 7th Seed Mission through modeling. 

  • Create positive growth experiences for volunteers, guests, students both through planed programming and living example of our mission and values.

  • Communicate needs/ issues arising from visitors to the main Lodge.



Please contact Amy with questions.

Fill out our application here:  Apply.

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