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Green House

Farm Fellowship


Come  experience the change that comes when you:

  • connect in a real way with God, others, and creation. 

  • care for others’ needs as we care for and nurture the land.  

  • engage with big questions—seeking to understand how to care for big issues like hunger, racism, and the climate through a Biblical lens.

Leave with a more rooted faith:  inspired and equipped to bring change to our world through following Christ’s peacemaking way.

Want to bring meaning and purpose to your life?

7th Seed's Fellows program offers 18 to 25-year-olds a space to establish a deeply rooted faith and explore what it means to follow Jesus in our time & place.  We offer 8-week terms in the Fall, Spring, and Summer focused in the following areas:



While learning how to care for animals and grow  food for ourselves and our neighbors, students will continually ask the question, “How can we make this place thrive for a long time?”  We will examine broader social issues connected to food systems, hunger, and health in light of Jesus’s teachings.


Wilderness Exploration

Students will join experienced staff in cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, canoeing, hiking, and multi-day backpacking trips. We believe that wilderness provides not only exercise, challenge, and recreation, but also a needed space away from distraction for reflection, prayer, and spiritual growth.


Forestry & Carpentry

The four seasons in the Vermont woods provide a variety of meaningful work from harvesting wood for heat and building projects to managing wildlife habitat and tapping our trees for making maple syrup.   Students will learn basic forestry and carpentry skills while examining our relationship to the earth and community  through a Biblical lens.

Digging Deeper

 Practicing Biblical Peacemaking

We aspire to be a community of Christ-followers engaging with the restoring work of Christ to renew our broken spiritual relationship with God, social relationships with others, and physical relationship with work and care of creation.

Not only will we be putting these ideas into practice through meaningful work and living in community; but we'll also have opportunities to reflect on big life questions (some we'll pose, and some we hope our students will bring) in 4 main areas:


Self: What does it mean to be created in the image of God and a part of the body of Christ?

God: What relationship do I have with God?  What purpose does His Kingdom bring to my life? 

Others:  How do we love our neighbors?  What am I learning by living in community and practicing the "one another's " of the New Testament?  How do we best practice hospitality and generosity to those in need in the broader community? What does the Bible say about Justice and what does that mean for me?

Creation: What are humans for?  How should I spend my life's time/ energy/ work? What does it mean to "tend and keep" in our time and place?  


Christian Community 

In this time of constant input and data, our program offers time away to ask big questions.  Within the rhythms of community prayer and work, we dig deep into the truths of Scripture and explore how to live in our present moment.  Students gather for regular times of worship and guided conversations on topics of Christian community, discipleship, and Biblical justice.


Action Projects

Students will work closely with staff to put their ideas into action.  For example, they could: create a farm or forest-based product, plan a community-building event like an open mic night on our hill, take action to explore and reduce the roots of hunger in rural Vermont or in Burlington (city about 35 minutes from us), create an art installation or music performance or recording.  


Creative Arts

Together we will explore what role creativity plays within our diverse community.  Instead of streaming our entertainment, we'll create it.  As we explore ideas of vocation and purpose, we'll look at the role of Christians in the arts and culture in our time and place. 

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