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Biblical Peacemaking

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the difference between the Biblical concept of peace and our current idea here in the US.  Today most people think of peace as escaping to a tranquil place in nature, or enjoying a bubble bath with a glass of wine (while all the children are out of the house). 

A Biblical idea of peace is connected to the idea of making right or whole.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea in connection to this program.  This work of redemption—making right what has been broken.  Peacemaking as joining in with God’s redeeming work…Redeeming relationships: 

(1) our broken relationship with God.  

 (2) our broken relationships with people (and here I’m not just referring to an individual level—but also a systemic level—when there’s racism and unjust distribution of resources and poverty there is not peace, and God’s people should be involved in this redeeming work toward justice).  

(3) our broken relationship with the natural world.

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